A weekend in the Desert


We are sooo behind on everything this Holiday Season! Are you feeling a bit overwhelmed too? I still have presents to wrap and a few more to buy - hopefully I can get that all done this weekend! Shouldn’t be too big of a deal, right? Deep Breathe


I’ve been binge watching Christmas movies on Netflix. There are sooo many new ones out, some good and some pretty terrible. Lol!! One that i did like was the Princess Switch. It’s a bit cheesy, but it involves a baker, a big city, and fairytale dreams. All of the elements that make for a great chick flick! Don’t you agree? We started watching a few other ones like “Christmas with the Andersons” and it was so terrible, we couldn’t even watch through 30 mins of it. I think this weekend we will settle for the classics like National Lampoon’s Christmas, Home Alone 2, and Elf. Once Erisy’s old enough, she’ll definitely appreciate Elf. It’s so silly and fun!


On me: Jumpsuit: Rebecca Taylor (on sale!); Shoes: Miu Miu (similar) ; Earrings: Madewell
On Erisy: Dress: Carters; Shoes: Gap

Here are some photos that we took with Matt and Charlotte in the Desert. Arizona is so beautiful and the weather was surprisingly mild! I was actually cold there! We had a short visit as they just had a baby girl (who is now 3 months old) and we didn’t want to be in the way too much. It was fun to see our friends who we used to spend virtually weekend with when we lived in the Bay. It felt like old times again, plus two crying babies. This is our life (or lives) now. I have to say it was wonderful that we all have an understanding for when we have to go back home for nap time, when we have to drop everything to go get her some food or change diapers, or that it takes 1 hour longer just to leave the house. I’d say it’s easier with a newborn though because they can just nap anywhere. Erisy’s a bit pickier now where she sleeps, so the first night was hard, but she napped like a champ the next day. Hooray! We had a great time in Phoenix and can’t wait to go back soon! If you are from there and have suggestions on where we should go / explore, leave a comment below!


I hope you have some fun plans this weekend! Happy Friday before Christmas!!