Fact: I don’t get out much.
Fact: When I do, I make sure it’s worth it.
Fact: I found a place with a great view of the Hollywood sign - where I get to avoid touristy traffic and also grab a cup of coffee / breakfast at the same time! It’s worth it. :)


Top: Sezane; Skirt: Madewell (Old, similar here); Shoes: Chloe (with heels or flats); Bag: Coach - sale!; Earrings: Anthropologie

The other day, we wanted to get out of the house and see the Hollywood sign up close. We happened to drive up to the sign but it was so crowded that it was difficult to find a parking spot. I looked up a nearby coffee shop and we stumbled upon Beachwood Cafe and it was the most charming little spot ever! The whole corner was actually. There was a Beachwood Market, a neighborhood cleaner, and even a floral shop. The best thing about this spot was that it had a direct view of the Hollywood sign, without the traffic tourists crowding for a shot with the sign. Honestly, I could live without a photo next to the sign and to take in the view from here was good enough for me. With a cup of coffee, to boot!


On this day, I wore my new favorite top from Sezane - it’s a white floral eyelet button up with a high neck that is reminiscent of a Victorian top, which I love. When I bought this shirt, I knew that I would pair it with this old velvet pink skirt from Madewell. I wanted to wear comfy flats since I wasn’t sure how much we’d be walking, so I put on my plum Chloe flats. These shoes feel like butter! I bought them when I was pregnant with Erisy and wore them so often because my feet were swollen and these felt like I was walking on air.


Erisy is in the cutest little jumper from Gymboree - it’s a handme down from her cousin Alyssa. They’re 7 months apart so it’s been great to share clothes with my sister. I’m usually the benefactor of the clothing, though Erisy is growing taller than Alyssa so it may be the other way around soon! I layered her jumper with a cute tulle ruffled long sleeve tee from Carters.


I’ve been getting so many questions through my Instagram and Youtube about where I get my tops, dress, etc. so I think I’ll start posting my outfits again. Stay tuned for these posts! The good news is, when I do go out, it’s usually to explore or try a new restaurant, so I’ll be sure to give a review on those locations too in the same post. 2 for 1 deal. Hoorah!