What's In My Hospital Bag


The time is almost here to meet baby girl!! We have been scrambling to clean the house, get her nursery set up, learning as much as we can about the labor / delivery process, etc. The next two weeks will be a combination of anxiety and excitement for me!! I have no idea what to expect and have been mentally preparing myself for delivery. My mom keeps telling me that women have been doing this for centuries, so I have nothing to worry about. I don't know why, but the thought of the labor pain just scares the heck out of me!

One thing I do feel ready and prepared for is my hospital bag. Lol! I did a full video to show you "What's In My Hospital Bag" with a special appearance by my bff. She is due 2 months after me! It's been such a blessing to go through this entire experience with her because we're both able to learn the whole process together.

1) Hospital bag: This is a cute and roomy one that I got from Target! It was designed by Bri Emery from Design Love Fest. I love how roomy it is and how there is a bottom compartment for shoes, extra essentials that I can't fit in the main compartment. Genius. 

2) Travel Pack: These are also by Bri Emery - I find them very useful for organizing. I lost baby's booties in the video and thought it would be good to store everything in the pack to keep small items from falling out. Since the pack comes with 3 bags, I used one for snacks, one for baby's essentials, and one for my makeup / toiletries. 

3) Mini Robe: I love the pattern on this one. I opted for a mini robe because I heard that we tend to bleed a lot after delivery and didn't want to risk getting this messed up at the bottom. The mini robe is the perfect length and hits me right at the hips. No messiness here!! The best thing about this is that I could cover up easily if we have any visitors pop in. The print is also so beautiful that having photos taken in it doesn't hurt either. :)

4) Going home dress: I have no idea what to expect for the ride home, so I packed this loose floral skater dress from Asos Maternity that I've been wearing during my third trimester. I am worried that it might be cold, but we always keep sweaters in the car so I could just throw that on. Luckily it is a short ride home so I'm not too worried. 

5) Nursing bra: This one is a wireless nursing bra by Natori. It's comfortable and slightly larger than my regular size. I may need to get another one and size up as I get engorged, but for now it should do. 

6) Sleep Shorts: I may or may not even get to use these. I heard that the doctors tend to check up on you a lot after delivery and need easy access, so we shall see. I have these just in case I need to walk around and not flash everyone from behind. :)

7) Slippers: These slippers aren't the most practical but they are SO comfy and I love the faux fur. I will probably stuff another pair of flip flops in my bag for showering but again, in case I need to walk around, these will be so comfy. 

8) Earphones: Music always calms me down and I brought these to listen to relaxing music. Any playlist on spotify that you suggest? 

9) Nipple Balm: I hear breastfeeding and baby latching on can be quite painful, so these will help prep and sooth. 

10) Momwasher: I also heard that peeing can be quite painful, so filling this with warm water and witch hazel will help heal. I first heard about this from Chrissy Tiegen, so I thank her for that! I can't imagine how much it will burn... ouch!!

11) Nursing gel: Same as #9 - to help soothe. 

12) Stool softener: I brought these just in case I have trouble going. I hear that epidurals can dry you out and make it hard to go, so having these should help. I also hope to get some green smoothie in, but you never know. Always good to be prepared! :) 

What are some items that you recommend packing in the bag? Let me know in the comments!!