Final Days of Pregnancy

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I can't believe 9 months has passed by so quickly. I'm 7 days away from my due date (though it could definitely be longer since this is my first and they tend to be late) and I am having mixed emotions about the whole thing! 


I've really grown to love those little kicks and movements in my belly and while I'm super excited to meet our little girl, I'm also not 100% ready for everything that comes with motherhood. Since I was little, I always told my parents that I didn't want kids - that I'd rather have puppies instead! I didn't want to experience the pain that goes with childbirth or the feeling of my belly growing or anything that comes with having a child. One of my aunts once told me that they stuck a giant needle in her belly to do a test for the baby. That sealed the deal for me. I was adamant about not ever going through that. It wasn't until my sister had her kids that I realized one day, I will want my own too. I'm learning though that everyone's pregnancy is different and eventually I will learn that everyone's delivery story is different. I never had to go through what my aunt did (with the giant needle) and while I'm still terrified of the fact that getting an epidural means getting a shot through my spine, I know that I will be okay and I can do this. There's definitely no turning back now!!! 


In my last few days of pregnancy, I want to cherish the time that Nate and I have together - just the two of us, give Ollie all of our attention because I know the poor guy will definitely not get as many walks as he is used to (the kid gets 2 walks a day and goes out to the field sometimes twice for frisbee time), and squeeze in as many naps as possible. We've been exploring a lot, places we have been wanting to visit but haven't had time. I haven't been cooking much, but that's okay. Since I went on maternity leave, the days have been so wonderful with not a ton to do but get the nursery ready, film, and relax. Exactly how I imagined this time off would be. My mind is calming down about labor and I'm really looking forward to meeting our little baby girl. :) 


Dress: Asos; Shoes: Madewell; Bag: Kate Spade (old, similar here)

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