DIY Valentines Day Chocolate Bars


Valentines Day is coming up and I'm so excited to share these DIY Chocolate bars with you! They're inspired by Compartes, an artisinal chocolate shop in Los Angeles that is really like Willy Wonka's Chocolate factory (to me). When I first walked into the store at Century City, I was blown away by the different flavor combinations available. Dark chocolates paired with whisky, Dark chocolates paired with donuts, Dark chocolates paired with champagne and strawberries, the list goes on! I wanted to buy everything on the wall but unfortunately each bar cost a pretty $10 a pop. Kinda steep for a chocolate bar (if you ask me). But I loved the creativity behind the bars so I was inspired to recreate my own version at home! 

Full Video tutorial here - but scroll down so you can see how awesome each one turned out!! I'm super proud of them. :D

Pretzels & Chocolate


 Circus Animal


And you can say I came up with special one for Valentines Day: Gold, Berries, and Roses - everything a girl wants for Valentines Day. Personally - I just would rather have chocolates, but hey! We can have it all. :) 


Now here is the fun part - wrapping them up and turning them into Valentines Day Card / Gifts. I took some gold foil and wrapped the chocolates (design side down), seam side up. Then I took some red construction paper and cut it to just shy 1 inch length of the chocolate bar, wrapped it over the gold foil, and glued it with cut out hearts. The cutest valentines day gift for friends, galentines, co-workers, or even for your kid's class! The valentines day note can be written inside the wrapper too! 


Here is the full recipe tutorial for print out or save. Let me know if you like this photo version better or if you prefer it just written out here.