Vietnamese Spring Rolls

Spring is here so to celebrate the new season I’m making Vietnamese Spring Rolls or Gỏi Cuốn in Vietnamese! Growing up my parents would have these Spring Roll making parties where everyone would make their own! Today I’m making the classic Vietnamese pork and shrimp spring rolls that I grew up with. It’s layered with shrimp, pork slices, rice noodles, and a bouquet of fresh herbs. Check out the video and recipe below!

Vietnamese+Spring+Rolls+Honeysuckle (3).jpeg
Vietnamese+Spring+Rolls+Honeysuckle (2).jpeg

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Make sure to dunk generously in the Peanut Sauce! The freshness of the herbs really elevates these Spring Rolls! And the saltiness of the shrimp pairs well with the mild pork. The spicy peanut sauce coating brings it all together! I know this takes a lot of prep work but it’s so worth it!! Healthy, fresh, and just so satisfying. Try throwing your own Spring Roll 

Vietnamese+Spring+Rolls+Honeysuckle (1).jpeg