Cold Remedy Tea


As the weather turns colder I am more prone to getting sick with a bad cold or flu. So I often make this Honey Citron Turmeric Tea to help me feel better. It tastes so much better than the drugstore cough syrup and it really works! Check out the video and recipe below.


I first experienced homemade healing tea when I was really sick and my mom made me this concoction of Lemon, Rosemary, and Honey. Rosemary has its own medicinal properties for coughing but I really wanted to use Ginger and Turmeric so I came up with this recipe.

Whenever I’m not feeling well I’ll take a heaping tablespoon of this tea mixture and add it into a cup of hot water. Not only does it taste great, I can feel the honey coating my throat making me feel better. Have you tried a homemade remedy tea like this? How has it worked for you? 

Cold+Remedy+Tea+Turmeric+Ginger+Citrus+Honey+Honeysuckle (1).jpeg