30 Weeks Pregnant


I am officially 30 weeks pregnant today. Where has the time gone?! We are slowly getting our place prepared for the baby. Nate has been busy cleaning out the garage and we just bought a bunch of these closet solution boxes for extra storage. I'll have to show you guys once we're all done! The nursery will be our next project... thankfully we have a crib ready so will just need to re-arrange the room and set things up. Sounds easy enough! 


The pregnancy symptoms haven't been too bad for the past few weeks. I'm starting to feel like she is growing alot, but I am still fairly small compared to my other friends who are also pregnant. One is due a day before my baby and the other is due 2 months later.  I've been making it a priority to go to the gym everyday to get at least 30 minutes of cardio in and some weights for my arms. It's helped me a little bit with the rapid weight gain that I was experiencing for the past 2 months. My doctor suggested that I also drink 64 oz of water each day since she thinks the weight gain might be due to water retention. 


Cravings: I continue to crave sweets and could eat an entire cake in one sitting if I could, but I won't. I did cave an eat an It's It ice cream sandwich, which by the way was delicious but too small. I had to resist the urge to eat a second one. :) We've been allowing ourselves one cheat day a week, usually on weekends, to indulge in whatever it is we've been craving. I always go for pizza or burger and fries. I watched an episode of Maangchi making korean fried chicken and I think that will be on the menu this weekend. 


Dress: Asos Maternity; Shoes: Vince; Coat: Club Monaco; Sunglasses: Celine; Bag: Coach

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