Peach Chia Shake


This Peach and Chia shake is my spin on the classic Peaches and Cream but for a healthy and filling Breakfast! It’s creamy, tart, and the chia seeds gives it a fun and thick texture. And the best thing is you can make this the night before and just grab and go in the morning!

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Peach & Chia Breakfast Shake Recipe:

¾ cup of milk
2 peaches, cut up
drizzle of honey 
½ tsp vanilla extract
¼ cup of plain greek yogurt
1 tbsp of shredded coconut flakes
¼ tsp of cardamom
1 tbsp of chia seeds

In a blender I’ll add in ¾ cup of milk, I’m using regular milk here but you can substitute with almond milk, coconut milk, or even soy milk, 2 peaches cut up, a drizzle of honey, depending on how sweet you like it, ½ tsp vanilla extract, ¼ cup of plain greek yogurt, 1 tbsp of shredded coconut flakes, and ¼ tsp of cardamom. Cardamom adds warmth and pairs really well with peaches. I think it really brings out the flavor. But be careful not to add too much because it can definitely overwhelm the delicate flavor of peaches.

I’ll give it a whirl for a minute until it’s nice and blended!

Now I’ll pour my shake into a glass mason jar, leaving a bit of room on top for the chia seeds. I’ll add in 1 tbsp of chia seeds and give it a good shake, making sure the seeds don’t clump up at the bottom. Chia seeds are among the most nutritious foods on the planet. They are loaded with fiber, protein, and Omega-3 fatty acids that’s good for your body and brain.

Finally, I’ll chill the shake for about 3 hours or overnight until i’m ready to drink it! 

This Peach and Chia shake will last up to 3 days in the fridge. The shake is creamy and I love the texture from the chia seeds! And the peaches - it’s tart yet so delicious and fruity. I love it!

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